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coolukchick's Journal

26 January
Hmm something about me. Well i'm Sarah. I'm 23, I'm engaged to Alex and love him like mad, bin together over three years :) Feel like i live down Sutton Coldfield most of the time! My second home :)
I like having a laugh, seen friends, meeting new people, making friends, weekends away, nights in with a take away, spending time with my fiance and cuddling up to our gorgeous kitten called Cynder <3
I'm shy and proberly just come across a bit weird, untill you get to know me.
I'm known as Sarah, Sar, Sars, Sarsysbells, Miss Kamatari, and Coolukchick :)
My journal is about how I'm feeling at the time, rants, anger, me complaining(i complain lots hehe), random bubbles, emotion and my life.